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The Sheppey Pirates come well armed for any caper that we be planning. Should ye be wishing to hire us for yer very own caper, these arms can be put to good use for ye as well.

It be an unfortunate truth that some souls lack the wisdom required to realise that it be in their own best interests to accommodate our more than reasonable requirements. To aid them in coming to their senses we have certain armaments to "convince" them of the folly of their ways.

The Sheppey Pirates firing our cannon
Firing the cannon

We come armed with a fully functional 3-pounder cannon and we be well-trained in it's usage. We be having a fully trained crew most eager to test their skills at every opportunity. While we not be the types to have much to fear from the governing authorities of the lands we be raiding, we also be having all the requisite licences and permits to be using our cannon in our home waters and be more than willing to secure permits for other territories should the need require.

The Sheppey Pirates be looking to add to the firepower we be able to call on and we be hoping to add more cannons to our armoury in the future.

A Sheppey Pirate firing his musket
Firing a musket

We also be having access to a number of other types of black powder weaponry. The Sheppey Pirates own both a number of working flintlock muskets and pistols that we be more than willing to use on anyone foolhardy enough to resist us. We also be having a goodly number of well trained musketeers and pistoliers to put these weapons to the use intended.

We be looking to add to the numbers of black powder weapons we can call on at every opportunity and also be looking to add the the ranks of our musketeers and pistoliers at all times.

Sword fight drill
Engaging in sword drill

Should we be needing to engage in hand-to-hand combat, the Sheppey Pirates come with a number of swordsmen who all be well-versed in the arts of the blade and will practice these arts most willingly should the situation be needing it.

Again, we be training new swordsmen up all the time so be having more than enough men-at-arms to bring to bear on any enemy of ours.


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