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Sheppey Pirates Safety Charter

Basic list of activities to ensure safe working practices are adhered too. Any deviation from this will require further risk assessment.

1. Living history campsite

●Campsite to be enclosed within roped area, preventing access to public
●Security personnel to be at campsite area at all times.
●Fire:- to be kept clear of all flammable substances. Fire to be no more than
500mm high.
●Firebox to be fully enclosed and clear of floor by 100mm
●Tents, awnings and other fabrics to be flameproof (distance from fire to be
●Lanterns and candles to be enclosed.
●Sharp tools to be kept 2m away from public boundary
●Fire arms to be kept 2m from public boundary.
●Area to be kept clear of trip hazards
●Fire materials (wood etc) to be kept 4m from camp fire.
●No WC pits to be dug. WC to be provided.
●Consumption of alcohol to be after public activities.

2. Hand to hand combat.

●A safety officer to be appointed at each event.
●All weapons to be inspected for suitability, and fitness for purpose. This includes
point radius to be no less the 5p coin (GBP)
●All combatants to undergo competence checks with safety officer.
●On no account will sharp blades / knives be allowed onto skirmish event.
●Skirmish events to be held within cordoned off arena with no public access.
●Risk assessment to be read and understood by all combatants.
●No persons deemed under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed
to participate.

3. Firearms

●All fire arms to be inspected (this can be either by the safety officer or appointed delegate with certification.) Inspection to ensure firearms fit for purpose.
●All firearms combatants must be able to demonstrate experience /
competence levels.
●All firearm combatants must hold current UK gun certificates.
●Fire arms to be discharged within a cordoned off arena with no public access.
●No persons deemed under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed
to participate.

3a. Supervised shooters

●Unlicensed gun holders can take part, but must be supervised closely by
certified licence holder. As per UK gun laws.

4. Black powder

●Each event will have 1 appointed powder master.
●Powder to be handled as per HSE guidelines. (store & 1 key)
●Combatants must possess acquire licence to obtain black powder.
●Risk assessment & JSA’s to be read and understood by all combatants.

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