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The Sheppey Pirates are always looking for fresh capers to take part in. To that end, the pirates be willing to hire themselves out to anyone who has enough doubloons to cover any outlay we may encounter in taking part in yer merry little caper.

We would need to have the costs of sailing to ye covered as well as the cost of the use of our powder. There be other costs involved with hiring the crew so, for a full list of what our costs be entailing, contact us at one of the addresses below and we will contact ye back to let ye know what costs we be likely to incur.

We have our own camp but should ye not have a place for us to weigh anchor and set up camp, we would need to have the cost of staying at a convenient local inn or hostelry covered as well.

Whilst we be pirates by trade we be not averse to a bit of smuggling should that be yer poison. We even be willing to swear service to His or Her Majesty for a bit of privateering should the promise of booty be sufficient.

So if ye still wish to be hiring our crew, ye need to be sending us a message and ye can do so at the following page:-

Ship Mail To Us

and we will be contacting ye back on the first available mail ship once we receive yer message.


To date the pirates have been of service to the following shipmates:-

The Royal Armouries

The Historic Dockyard, Chatham

Fort Amherst

Museum of London Docklands

Southampton Boat Show


The Welsh Assembly

Queenborough Town Council

Bashley, New Forest

HMS Bark Endeavour

Swansea City Council

Cancer Research "Relay For Life"


Joshua Goodwin Asthma Foundation


Here ye will find some of our exploits and daring do:-

South West Pirate Festival

World Walking the Plank Championships

Days of Syn Festival Dymchurch

Sea Sheppey

Execution Dock Pilgramage

Swindon Multi-Period Festival

SA1 Gateway Opening, Swansea Bay

Junior Pirate Day

Sea Swansea

Bus Driver of the Year Award

Four Winds Festival

Eastchurch Pirate Charity Event

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