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18th century map of England

This be the fair land of England, as mighty and proud a sea-faring nation as there be in which the county of Kent be set. If ye be wondering where in England Kent be located, it lay in the South East of the land - that be the bottom right for those less well versed in the art of navigation. Kent be a county that has a long maritime tradition with many a port to be found. Most of these ports be not safe harbours for us pirates but the Isle of Sheppey has proven to be the safest of havens for us (though we do have other safe harbours to reside in should the forces of law and order think they can blockade us in our island home!) - and it be from this fair island that we set sail to terrorise the seven seas.

17th century map of Kent

If ye look at the picture to yon port ye will see the county of Kent in more detail. The island at the top of yon picture is the Isle of Sheppey. So now you know where we be hailing from.


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