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Here to be listed the forthcoming raids that be planned by the marauding Sheppey Pirates.

We are most satisfied with the booty we have seized this year so have no plans to raid any more poor unsuspecting souls for the rest of the year than those that already be listed here- though this can change should any opportunity too good to pass by presents itself. Be ye warned!

We be havin' a number of raids fer 2015 planned as things stand these are confirmed:-

5th 6th April - Medway Festival of Steam & Transport. Historic Dockyard Chatham.

20th June - DS Smith Open Day. Sittinbourne.

28th June - Holm Place Funday. Sheppey

4th July - Masonic Fete Funday. Sheppey.

18th July - Grain Carnival. Grain

25th July - Leysdown Carnival. Sheppey.

31st-2nd Aug Sheppey Pirate Festival - Bartons Point.

8th Aug. Aviator Beer Festival. Queenborough.

21st-24th Aug. Military Odyssey. Detling

13th Sept -HMS Wildfire. Queenborough.

Sat 5th Dec. Torchlight Parade. Queenborough.

12th Dec Sheerness Xmas Market and Lantern Parade.

, plus others to confirm.

but fear ye not, plenty of other raids be in the pipeline fer 2015 so be watchin' the best way to keep up to date is via facebook - Sheppey Pirates !!!

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