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Here to be listed details of our brother raiders, rogues, sea dogs and assorted ne'er-do-wells.

Ye may wish to forewarn yeself of what may befalleth thee should ye set thee out on yon voyage unprepared - though that will helpeth thee not! We be fair minded souls. We give ye fair warning but our plunder we still intend to taketh from thee.

And here, ya scurvy scum, be details of the first crews of shipmates for which we have decided ye can be told of:-

Scurvy Scum

Colchester Historical Enactment Society
De Warenne

Pirate Weddings

Black Flag
Black Spot Enterprises
Bonny's Buccaneers
Sea Thieves Pirate Association

The Guild of Historical Interpreters

We also be thinking the following ports o' call be most useful for pirates:-

Pyracy Pub

The Historic Dockyard Chatham

Royal Armouries
Pyracy (UK)
UK Pirate Brotherhood
No Quarter Given
Skirmish Magazine

Pirate Mythtory
Reconstructing History

and this be our cap'n's very own treasure island:-

Captain Cutlass' Laire

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