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Avast there ya scurvy swabs! This 'ere be the notice board where the powers-that-be in this 'ere port 'o freebooters be deignin' ter let yer know of all the latest news that we be considerin' pertinent to the maraudin' Sheppey Pirates. Keep yer eyes peeled on this 'ere port 'o call if yer want ter be knowin' our latest news.

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Pirate Round book cover
The cover for Israel's new book. Click on the image to see the complete flyer

Update:- The book is just coming off the presses in the United Stated now and will be available from Heritage Books (click on the link to be taken to the webpage for Israel's book - it's currently at the printers but can be pre-ordered for $19 + P&P to the UK).





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