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The Sheppey Pirates are a pirate crew that have been involved in many a caper for nearly 20 years now. We have several members to our crew with more crewmates joining regularly. We be captained by Captain Cutlass - who be havin his very own, personal port 'o call which be located at The Captain's Laire - and who is ably assisted by his Master Gunner and Master Swordsman, pirates Quartermaster and McBarnacle respectively, who help keep our merry band of cutthroats in some sort 'o order. To see details of our crew, set yer course for "The Scurvy Swabs".

We used to confine our activities to local waters around our home port, the Isle of Sheppey, so as not to attract the attention of the authorities - see "Home Port" for where the Island be located - but have now cast our net wider and be willing to take part in capers the length and breadth of the land.

We be havin' a notice board called "Ye Towne Crier" fer our home port where be be lettin' you all know the latest news regarding the Sheppey Pirates.

We have our own careening camp - see "Booty & Plunder" for more details of our camp - and come well-stocked with arms with which to defend ourselves - see "Armoury".

We take our trade most seriously and have our ship's articles well documented - see "Charter".

We are now making ourselves available for hire for assorted capers. If ye be wishing to hire us then set yer course for "Hiring the Crew".

The ship's chronicler has been recording our activities most keenly and his chronicle can be found at "Completed Raids" and images of our raids can be found in the "Galleria".

We do be havin' a few little capers organised already so if ye wish to be seekin' knowledge of this, set yer course fer Raids-a-planning".

If ye look at the "Shipmates" section, we be listing the sites of other pirate crews we be havin dealin's with. Should ye be wishing to add yer own crew to this section, then contact us by using the "Ship mail to us" facility.

We be providing ye with the ability to voice yer opinions on us and any other pirate matter for, as pirates, we welcome free speech and believe that every soul be empowered to voice his thoughts. Should ye be wishing this then set yer course for "Pirate Chat" where ye may express yerself fully.

We be providing ye with the knowledge ye may be needing to access this here website fully. Set sail for "Libraria" where this knowledge be set out.


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